As a company we are committed to our customers and their needs. We develop designs solutions according to their work plans and priorities, helping them to carry out their projects in a more cost-effective and secure way. Our engineers are at the forefront of the development of new technologies to take advantage of every application that can support our clients.


Our team is qualified to carry out the established work plan and complete the installation of the project on time, in budget, with the best safety practices and the best suppliers.


Being a company with more than 40 years has allowed us to meet and learn about the best way to follow up our projects and at the same time keep it in tip-top condition. We have a team of care to the client that is available to responde to all emergencies and we service all our systems in unconventional schedules.



Professional Communications, Inc. is a leader in the business of life safety and security. Our mission is to serve our customers with communication, life-safety and security systems that can truly fulfill their project's needs.

PCI specializes in design, distribution, installation and maintenance of communications infrastructure, security systems and life safety products. We help architects, electrical engineers and engineering contractors fulfill their security and communications needs that are part of today's projects.

Our commitment goes beyond a business relationship and that’s why we offer quality, trust, respect, commitment and loyalty when providing protection to your business or company. Thanks to our excellent service, we manage a client portfolio that makes us very proud. We invite you to learn more about us and join our company.





You can call us for any information (787) 751 7611 for any kind of questions or you can complete our online form:

Main Office

Carr. 8838 #1759 Bo. Monacillos

San Juan, PR 00926

Mailing Address

RR37 Box 1759

San Juan, PR 00926

T: (787) 751 7611

F: (787) 751 5303

Customer Service
(787) 751 7611

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